The Divide – Debut Album Out Sep 29th

Ceased Sunfire - The Divide

Prepare to be consumed by the scorching intensity of Ceased Sunfire as they unveil their debut stoner doom metal album, “The Divide”!

In a world where the boundary between light and darkness is shattered, Ceased Sunfire emerges as a relentless force, illuminating the path to musical chaos. “The Divide” promises to be an auditory journey that transcends the limits of stoner metal, taking you on a relentless expedition into the heart of darkness.

Face-melting ferocious guitar riffs. Thundering drums that will pound your soul! Roaring vocals!

“The Divide” is a sonic battleground where Ceased Sunfire’s signature stoner metal sound forges an experience that will leave you breathless across nine heavy tracks.

Video premiere at Tuonela Magazine!

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