The Ceased Story


Ceased Sunfire (from Helsinki, Finland) blends heavy riffings, growling vocals and beautiful melodies to create a unique stoner metal sound. Their music is dark and atmospheric yet powerful and energetic. Ale‘s vocal and fuzz guitar combine to create a forceful mix of sludge, stoner metal, and doom that the rhythmic section of Fellu (bass) and Juza (drums) strongly support.

The band started after Ale’s previous band ended in 2021 and his newly written, heavier-than-before songs were lying in the drawer and demo form for a while. He started auditioning new members who would be able to join the blend of Seattle and New Orleans sounds (like Crowbar, Down, YOB, and Alice in Chains).

After some auditions, Fellu and Juza joined and the chemistry was immediate. Ceased Sunfire’s debut EP “Sleepless” was released in April 2022 with positive reviews from underground zines worldwide. The EP takes the listener on a journey to some dark places with huge-sounding guitars and Ale’s signature growl.

“Sometimes you take chances while searching for new music, checking things out because you are impressed with the artwork or are intrigued by a bands name, often this is an approach doomed to disappointment but every now and then you come across something that hits you hard in the solar plexus and ticks all your relevant musical boxes. “

“Each one of these cuts is a groove laden beast with chunky bass lines and pummelling rhythms that finds the band somewhere between Jesse Leech’s project Seamless and Crowbar as vocalist Aleksi “Ale” Manninen permiates the listeners ear drums with his gritty lyrics and gravelly vocal tones. “

After writing a new album during the Summer and Autumn of 2022, Ceased Sunfire is set to release its debut album “The Divide” Autumn 2023. The album features 9 new tracks, with the two singles already streaming on most online platforms.


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